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FMC-Yale Study

Thank you so much for participating in our research study

Background: We are conducting a study to determine the effect of collaboration on clinical judgement in interpreting fetal monitoring. To be involved in our study we would need a commitment from you to take the Perinatal Quality Foundation’s Fetal Monitoring course twice. The first time you take the exam it will be at your earliest convenience and in the typical environment of which you would take a fetal monitoring course. However, we ask that you take the exam by yourself and do not discuss the exam with anyone else. The second time you take the exam it will be as part of our experimental design. You will be randomized to take the same exam a second time as either an individual or as a team of (2) individuals. If you are randomized to an individual exam you will take the exam individually again. If you are randomized to a team-based exam you will be assigned a room and will meet your team members to participate in a collaborative exam. Our randomization exam will take place at date to be determined in the future. If you agree to involvement we will send you a Doodle poll (schedule coordination web site) to determine dates that will work in your schedule. We will need approximately 2 hours of your time to take the exam and complete a survey afterwards.